Unleashing Architectural Teams' Potential

Unleashing Architectural Teams' Potential

greskoarchitects university of illinois Aug 30, 2023

I am thrilled to share my deep-rooted passion for transforming architectural teams. From igniting purpose to enhancing efficiency, quality, and profitability, join me in exploring my journey of elevating architectural practices to new heights.

My story began with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Illinois in 1996. Little did I know that this would be the foundation for a journey that focuses on empowering architectural teams to reach their fullest potential.

During my college years, a transformative experience in Europe allowed me to witness architectural wonders firsthand. This exposure not only enriched my design aesthetics but also ignited a desire to make a lasting impact in the architectural realm.

Following my formal education, I pursued a dual master's degree in architecture and civil engineering, specializing in Construction Management. This multidisciplinary approach laid the groundwork for my journey as a catalyst for change within architectural teams.

My journey as a problem solver started early on when I noticed the discord between design and construction teams. I questioned why these two essential facets of a project were often at odds. This led me to embark on a mission to bring synergy and alignment into the process. My philosophy has always been that architectural projects thrive when design and construction work in harmony.

My foray into the world of K-12 school design equipped me with hands-on insights into the nuances of architectural projects. It was during this phase that I discovered my innate ability to streamline processes, identify bottlenecks, and foster seamless collaboration. I found immense satisfaction in aligning teams, enhancing communication during design and construction, and maximizing efficiency.

The realm of healthcare design marked another significant chapter in my journey. Joining a prominent Chicago healthcare design firm, I not only delved into creating functional spaces but also assumed the role of an efficiency advocate. I meticulously examined processes, ensured quality standards, and pioneered solutions that improved building envelopes. This phase solidified my commitment to enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of architectural spaces.

A pinnacle moment arrived when I undertook the oversight of a monumental 1.4 million square foot, 27-story high-rise rehabilitation hospital in Chicago. The challenges were immense, but so were the opportunities. I orchestrated a seamless blend of design ingenuity and construction precision, showcasing how purpose-driven teamwork can lead to remarkable outcomes.

My expertise garnered recognition, prompting my recruitment to a California healthcare design firm. Over seven fulfilling years, I guided the firm's Southern California operations, resources, and sales. This phase was a testament to my passion for increasing quality and profitability. With a focus on aligning purpose, fostering efficiency, and enhancing morale, I steered the firm towards record growth and industry accolades.

Now my passion finds its true manifestation. I am dedicated to helping architectural teams discover their purpose, streamline operations, boost efficiency, elevate quality, and drive both profits and morale. My journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of purpose-driven teamwork and streamlined processes. Join me in this pursuit of excellence as we continue to unravel the immense potential within the profession of architecture.